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Program for Leading Graduate Schools

The Program for Leading Graduate Schools works to advance the establishment of university graduate schools of the highest caliber by supporting the dramatic reform of their education programs in such a way that they will institute degree programs recognized as top quality around the world. To foster excellent students who are both highly creative and internationally attuned and who will play leading roles in the academic, industrial, and governmental sectors across the globe, the Program brings top-ranking faculty and students together from both in and outside Japan and enlists participation from other sectors in its planning and execution, while creating continuity between master’s and doctoral programs and implementing curricula that overarches fields of specialization.
By the end of fiscal 2013, five of Kyoto University’s programs had been adopted under this Program sponsored by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). All five programs implement educational curricula that tap into each of their unique strengths in order to develop not only researchers but also individuals capable of taking leadership roles in various fields in the arena of global competition.

  • Graduate School of Advanced Leadership Studies, Kyoto University
  • Inter-Graduate School Program for Sustainable Development and Survivable Societies
  • Training Program of Leaders for Integrated Medical System for Fruitful Healthy-Longevity Society
  • Collaborative Graduate Program in Design
  • Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science